Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency

At The Hour Between Dog And Wolf - Tara IsonThe Green Piano - Roberta FlackDiaries - KafkaThe Complete Works of Isaac BabelThe Mambo King - HijuelosSalvage the Bones - Jesmyn WardSing Unburied Sing - Jesmyn WardMy Remarkable Journey - Katherine Johnson
Map of Hope and Sorrow - Christy LefteriGoing Places - Tonya BoldenRunning to Fall - Kalisha BuckhanonWe Ride Upon Sticks - Quan BarryWoman of an Uncertain Age - Priya MlhotraComing Up Cuban - Sonia ManzanoThe Cost of Loyalty - Tim BakkenThe Book of Anna - Carmen Boullosa
Sing, Unburied, Sing - Jesmyn WardKatherine Johnson My Remarkable Journey - Katherine JohnsonLioness of Punjab - Anita Jari KharbandaSong Of The Earth - Elisabeth Ervin-BlankenheimResolved - Ban Ki-MoonLife I'm In - Sharon FlakeLeaving Breezy Street - Brenda Myers-PowellWhen I Grow Up - Ken Krimstein
Embattled - Emily Katz AnhaltGrowing Old - Elizabeth Marshall ThomasFall in Love Have Children Stay Put Save the Planet Be Happy - Frank SchaefferHome Waters John MacleanKim Powers - Rules For Being DeadBubble in the Sun - Christopher KnowltonSpeaking Of SummerDiaries - F. Kafka
Reaching For The MoonThe Weekend - Charlotte WoodThe Yield - Tara June WinchHollywood BlackISIS: A HistorySnake Island - Ben HobsonNorco 80 - Peter HoulahanThe Formula - R Fergurson - T Robertson
Cormorant Lake - Faith MerinoControlledHere & ThereCreepy and True Mummies Exposed Kerrie Logan HollihanLifelike Creatures Rebecca BaumThe Irish Whales - Kevin MartinThe Lionkeeper of Algiers - Des EkinjpgnThe Mambo King - Hijuelos
Men We ReapedCattle KingdomBecoming Maria - Sonia ManzanoThe Maps of Memory - Marjorie AgosinThe Classic Sporting Art of Bob WhiteThe Marriage ActThe Complete Works of Isaac BabelSalvage the Bones - Jesmyn Ward
The Three EscapesFinding FamilyMemory into Memoir - Laura KalpakianThe Fire This TimeHelen Benedict - Wolf SeasonThe Kaiser’s Last KissThe Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love We Shall See the Sky Sparkling - Susana Aikin
Under a Sardinian SkySimply ElectrifyingTrade OffBeforeThe LakeThe Dead HouseAccidentalsIn A Shallow Grave
Narrow RoomsThe BobcatThe Great PretendersTabooCalder - The Conquest of Space The Later Years: 1940-1976Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally HemingsThe Skinny - Jonathan WellsAll the Tme in the World - John Gierach

About the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, LLC

The Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, LLC is managed and owned by Jennifer Lyons, who has more than twenty years of domestic and international experience as a literary agent. The Agency provides personalized attention to each of its clients, from conception to publication and beyond. We seek to not only maximize the potential of every project we represent but also help to manage the long-term writing career of each client.